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ECMA Chart 12-6-13

ECMA chart


ECMA chart 279


CD Album Review: Mike Runnels "The Tender Years"

Mike Runnels never fails to impress with his understated country music vocals. And Runnels' new album, "The Tender Years," continues his tradition of country music excellence with ten tracks that impress on all levels.

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CountryStarsOnline Review: Mike Runnels "The Tender Years"

The Tender Years, out now on Lucky Penny Records, opens the ten-track set with “Cheatin’ Side Of Town”. Against an edgy twang, Runnels pines while sharing the dark woe of a leavin’ love that’s found willing arms and changed circumstances elsewhere. Read the full review.


The Movie FuelThree songs from Don't Tell Candy CD in the movie Fuel.

"Honky Tonk Lie","Love Is Blind " and "Tonight's Our Last Night"

Fuel: A talented track star stuck in a dead-end town, Emilio (Michael Esparza) dreams of running away with his childhood friend Sandy (Briana Feehan). But when Emilio's violent temper suddenly flares up, his chances for a college scholarship fade, and a series of grave problems surfaces. This tense drama directed by Oktay Ortabasi also features C. Thomas Howell, Billy Maddox, Janelle Taylor and Matt Gallini.

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Mike Runnels - Jukebox Boulevard

When you first listen to Mike Runnels, one word comes to mind: purity. His pure heart, pure emotion (as evidenced by his brilliant lyrics) and his pure, unadulterated love of his craft. With today's country music being inundated with "country pop" and bubble-gum lyrics, the traditional styling provided by "Jukebox Boulevard" is a breath of fresh air.

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Mike Runnels - Don't Tell Candy

By George Peden, CountryStarsOnline.com

Austin, Texas, singer and songwriter, Mike Runnels, is back with a new album, Don’t Tell Candy. Out on Lucky Penny Records, it’s a continuing nod to a guy who’s finally grabbing overdue attention.

Now with this, his third country album, the former vocalist of Texas punk rockers, The Reactors, is finding direction. Revolving around the varied talents of Ron Flynt – he plays guitar, bass, piano, organ, and, in a lazy moment, offers background harmony –the rest of the ensemble is Nick Wells on drums, the versatile Herb Steiner on pedal steel and Andrew Nafziger on guitars. Chip Dolann on accordion, Floyd Domino on piano and Scott Blesener on violin make brief but meaningful appearances.

Mike Runnels - Don't Tell Candy

by Nancy Montgomery, Music News Nashville

The new CD from Texas based singer/songwriter Mike Runnels, Don’t Tell Candy, is a throwback to the days when country music was at it’s purist. Former vocalist of the Texas Punk Rockers, The Reactors, Runnels takes us back to a time when country songs were stripped down to their bare essence and simply told the story of love lost, love found and love betrayed. No hidden messages, no political angst, no “cooler than thou” showmanship. Just good and solid honky tonk songs from a guy who has a knack of recreating the sounds and styles of such classic singers as Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Faron Young or Porter Wagoner....


Mike Runnels' "It's Up To You" from his new CD, Don't Tell Candy, is on the ECMA Chart!


"One More Time" now available at Waterloo Records in Austin,
and on-line at Texas Music Roundup

"One More Time" Reviews

Mike Runnels, one time vocalist with the Raul's-era rockers, the Reactors, has traded in his ripped T-shirt for a string tie on the assured "One More Time". Up-tempo honky-tonk that benefits greatly from the presence of top hands like Herb Steiner, Andrew Nafziger, and especially Ron Flynt, who plays everything but the ponies. "One More Time" spins 10 two-steppers and belly-rubbers around the dance floor without a bad one in the bunch. Runnels, meanwhile, divides his time between falling in love anew and wondering why he would do such a thing, with the odd secret love affair to keep the cycle going.
Christopher Grey
The Austin Chronicle

Texan Mike Runnels is a romantic I guess. At least this is what this album says to me for all ten songs deal with matters of the heart. Some are positive, others optimistic and all are extremely listenable. Behind Runnels is a quintet of excellent musicians featuring keyboards, guitars, steel, accordion and fiddle. Check out "Pretty Girl", "Please Don't Cry", "One More Time" and "Do You Want To Fall In Love Tonight".
Pete Smith's Reviews
"The Advertiser" (UK)- April 15 2005
MIke Runnels "One More Time" (Lucky Penny Records)

Borrowing heavily from 60's era country honky-tonk by Buck Owens, GeorgeJones, etc,but performed with an eerie Slim Whitman vocal styled vibrato, makes this Mike Runnels album different enough to catch your attention.
Country Music News
"One More Time" by Larry Delaney

Radio Feedback on
"One More Time"

Massimo Ferro "Highway 61" Radio Voice Spazio, Italy - "One More Time" is a very pleasant album of pure Texas country music and in fact has an appealing Latin flavor here and there.

Thomas Hayden "Country Saloon" Radio 94.3 Sweden - There is a lot of tracks to play here on our station and in my weekly show "Country Saloon". Herb Steiner is one of my favorite steelers and he is doing a fantastic job on your cd. Pure country and honky-tonk and a touch of Tex-Mex , this cd is perfect for a radio station like us.

Stig Tornqvist CMR 105.5 Sweden - Thanks for the cd "One More Time". Will give most of them a spin in my coming programs. Just the music we love here.

Jean Pierre "Planete Country" Radio Rencontre 93.3 FM France - Thanks for your cd. Good luck with your career. Very good songs.

Ries Verwijmeren "Country Express" Radio Rucphen FM The Netherlands - Many thanks for sending your cd. Very nice stuff for my show.

Eddy & Ria Veldkamp "Texas Radio" Regio FM The Netherlands - Thanks so much for sending your latest album " One More Time". It's a wonderful album with good music and even the cover picture is great.

George Backer "Country Special" Radio Beverwijk FM 105.4 The Netherlands - I have enjoyed your music very much and i'm sure the listeners to my program will too. You won't be hearing in my program not "One More Time" but "Several Time". I have chosen several songs for my programs. First of all a great compliment for writing such wonderful songs. Fortunately there are very talented independent artists who are making wonderful country music. Review in Dutch at http://www.countryspecial.com

John Andersen "Country Music Denmark" Radio Dandelion , Denmark - Just recieved your cd "One More Time".I like it and i'll give it airplay on my country music show "Country Music Denmark."

Tom Kawai, Lonestar Productions,"Real Country Radio" Japan - Thanks for sending me "One More Time." I added two tracks "Skin Of My Teeth" and "Do You Want To Fall In Love Tonight " to my playlist. Thanks for your support for making my shows more REAL!

Joy Bell & Pejay "Country Roads" FM 98.5 - Just wanted to thank you and let you know that your great cd "One More Time" has arrived safe today and will be added to our playlist next week.